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If you've been to the Jersey Shore, chances are good that you have seen me performing magic in a fine dining establishment along the coast.  For the past 3 decades I have performed magic at fine restaurants from Cape May to Long Beach Island including an incredible run of 69 days in a row without a day off at Booker's Seafood House in Ocean City, New Jersey.
Why?  Because savvy restaurant owners know that magical entertainment works and that I am an honest, reliable entertainer with years of experience performing magic.
So if you are a restaurant owner and you're looking for a new and exciting approach to entertainment at your restaurant then give me a call or email and we can set up an appointment to discuss the wonderful advantages of magic.

Restaurant magic can be custom tailored to your restaurant in terms of hours performed - with prices that cover one, two or three hours ( most often selected).

Stewarts Family Restaurants

Booker's Seafood

The Melting Pot

The Captain's Table

The Cactus Cafe

Mac's Seafood

Stone  Harbor Bar & Grill



TGI Friday's: Atlantic City

TGI Friday's: Turnersville





TGI Friday's: Manahawkin

TGI Friday's: Somers Point

...take it from a restaurateur...magic works...and the only magician I call is Michael Walsh

Harry Kleinman: Mac's Seafood, Bookers Restaurant

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