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It  happens to all kids...the "magic bug".  I got mine when I was 13 years old...and never looked back !  I've been involved in magic in some fashion or form since 1974 and I like to think that I've been wildly successful at getting you to look the other way !


Hailing from the midwest in the village of Wintersville, Ohio, I attended The Ohio State University and then relocated to the eastern seaboard near Atlantic City in 1983.


I first became interested in magic while watching the Mark Wilson and Bill Bixby magic shows.  I obtained my first book on magic, "Scarne on Card Tricks" and "The Amateur Magician's Handbook" by Henry Hay...classics of magic literature and books I still references today.

My goal is to make your event fun, magical and humorous !

I am available to perform close-up magic at all corporate or personal functions.

I live with my only son Nick, whom I considers the greatest magic ever.  We reside along the coast of New Jersey.

Thanks for visiting !



-Michael Walsh




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